Progeneron Ukraine Clinical Study

Viktor Rokutov, MD

Dnipro City Central Hospital

Dnipro, Ukraine 2018


The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the ability of Progeneron Hand Cream to treat

symptoms of Dupuytren’s Disease and collect safety and tolerance information.


Five patients with various stages of Dupuytren’s Disease were recruited and are being treated with

Progeneron Hand Cream. Initial parameters were assessed on entry and every week thereafter. Pain,

adverse effects and medical and subject assessment scores are being collected on a weekly basis until

week 8, after which scores are being collected by‐weekly.


After 12 weeks of tests Progeneron Hand Cream had no deleterious effects on skin condition, blood or

liver function, or any other significant side‐effects. Discomfort associated with hand activity, medical

and patient assessment scores were all significantly reduced, with benefits occurring within the first

few weeks of therapy. Cords were not significantly affected, however the range of passive and active

motion of the affected fingers was extended significantly. Hardened surfaces in the palm of the hand

were softened.